Did you know that Shaitaan ties three knots at the back of your head each night, so that you will struggle to wake up and remember Allah in the morning?

The Prophet (saw) said: When any one of you goes to sleep, the devil ties three knots at the back of his neck, sealing every knot with,” You have a long night, so sleep.” So if one awakes and mentions Allah, a knot will be loosened; if he performs wudu two knots are loosened; and if he prays the salaat (all) knots will be loosened, and in the morning he will be active and in good spirits; otherwise we will be in bad spirits and sluggish in the morning. (Sahih Muslim Book #004, Hadith #1702)

Do you struggle to wake up in the mornings? Watch this short video that shows you the way Shaitaan tries to harm you and keep you from Allah’s blessings!





Whoa… scary! *shivers* Shaitaan is always looking for ways to keep you from Allah’s blessings. He hates you, really hates you… more than vegetables, more than homework and chores, he hates you so much that he wants nothing but bad things to happen to you all the time. May Allah protect you from Shaitaan and his evil whsipers! The easiest way to fight against Shaitaan is to remember Allah… and the bets way to start your day is in remembering Allah. So here’s a free wall chart that your parents can print out to remind you the steps in loosening the knots of Shaitaan and getting all of the blessings and rewards of starting your day off by remembering Allah, insha’Allah! Have your parents click the image to download!


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