As Salaamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters,

Our apologies for the recent lapse in 99 Names posts. We have been experiencing some issues with administrative support for the project and I have been experiencing some health issues that have made it difficult for me to keep up with the daily research and posts on my own. We have been posting the links to the images/resources from last year’s project via the Facebook Group and on our Facebook Business Page with the help of some volunteeers, however, we have been having trouble finding a way to update the Email list each day.

As a result, we recently sent out a post with the COMPLETE LIST of Names + links to each BLOG post available. In order to keep everyone on  schedule, we have begun adding the links to the OLD FB POSTS from last year (rather than the (not yet created) new blog posts), to this list. We will re-update the links as the new blog posts are created, insha’Allah. But, in the meantime, you will at least be able to access the Graphic + *some* resources for each Name.

If you join the Facebook Group or LIKE the Business Page (and add notifications) you will get a DAILY ALERT of each new Name, insha’Allah, linking you to the old graphics. However, we will not begin doing “DAILY” emails again until we get back on schedule, which may take a couple weeks, insha’Allah. So we strongly recommend joining the FB Group or subscribing to the PAGE for daily alerts. Otherwise, you should bookmark the blog post with the complete list and return to it daily for the latest post, insha’Allah.


What is the difference between these old links + graphics and the (sightly delayed) new blog posts for this year’s project?


  1. The NEW graphics are reviewed and explanations may be edited/revised for greater clarity.
  2. The resources on the NEW blog posts are expanded and reviewed, and provided in easier to find/understand format. We added several new resources and removed old ones that we didnt trust the authenticity of or whose explanations were confusing/unclear.
  3. Some of the links for resources on the OLD graphics are dead or unreliable.

The NEW blog posts are the BEST source for the project, but the OLD graphics are sufficient to stay on schedule. If you must rely on OLD graphics at any point, we recommend refreshing your understanding of that Name with the New Blog Post and resources once they are available. We will always post them ON THE CM WALL and IN THE FB GROUP as they become available, insha’Allah.


Here is the COMPLETE LIST that will have all available NEW BLOG POSTS + LINKS to the OLD FACEBOOK POSTS from last year (when new blog posts havent yet been created):

Here is the link to the FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE:

Here is the link to the FACEBOOK 99 NAMES GROUP:


Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns. Jazakhallahu Khairun for your patience, participation and support!


Salaam & Success!


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