Wholesaler’s Accounts are designed for retailers and resellers, as well as fundraising for organizations. If you plan to purchase these items and resale them for profit, then this is the right account for you! Whether you own a brick and mortar store, an online shop, vend at conferences and events, sell from home, or are looking to raise funds for your school, masjid, troop or other organization, a wholesale account is the best option for people interested in carrying our line of products. Wholesaler’s from the US and Internationally have different minimums. US Wholesaler Clients have a $150 minimum order. International Wholesale Clients have a $250 minimum order.

To apply for a wholesale account, fill out the online application HERE.

At Creative Motivations, we love teachers, so it’s probably no surprise that we give special discounts who those who are dedicated to educating others! An Educator’s Account is a special discount for teachers, schools, daycares, masaajid, educational and youth programs, and fundraising events. If you plan to “use” the products with large or small groups for educational purposes or as motivational prizes, then this is the right account for you! US Educator’s Accounts have a $100 minimum. International Educator’s Accounts have a $150 minimum. To apply for an Educator’s Account, click HERE. 

*Please note, homeschoolers also qualify for educator’s discounts, but have a simpler application that may be filled out HERE. You may also read on below for more info.

If you’re looking for unique, beneficial and high quality Islamic party favors, prizes or gifts for your event, consider Bulk Purchasing! Bulk Purchasing is for retail customers who would like to purchase our products in large quantities for parties, special events, gifts, or large families.

There is no special process or application required to purchase in bulk. You may visit our retail store and find bulk purchasing discounts listed on each product page where available. This is a great way to save money, and bulk discounts make it easy to use beneficial Islamic products as party favors, Eid gifts, contest prizes, and much more! In order to purchase in Bulk, simply visit our Online Store HERE. 

Note: Retail customers are NOT allowed to resell our products for a profit.

A Homeschool Buying Cooperative is an organized group of homeschooling parents who join together to increase their purchasing power. By combining their orders into one larger order, Homeschool Buying Co-ops are able to get the same materials for much cheaper than individual retail customers. Buying in groups also has far-reaching benefits beyond just saving money, such as special entry in to contests and events, access to exclusive deals and resources, and the sisterhood and camaraderie that is unique to the co-op experience!

To learn more about Homeschool Buying Co-ops with Creative Motivations, click HERE.

If you are ready to create your own local co-op, click HERE.

To look for co-ops in your area, visit HERE.

At Creative Motivations we LOVE educators, and home educators are some of the most important in the world! As a parent, you are always your child’s first teacher, and as a homeschooler, you ensure they always continue to have the best, most loving, concerned and devoted teacher possible. In honor of your incredible effort and commitment to your child’s education, we offer the exact same discount to homeschoolers as we do to teachers, schools and other educational institutions! Simply fill out an easy online application so we can learn more about your homeschooling needs, and once approved, you will receive a special discount code for use when shopping in our online retail store.

To apply for a Homeschooler’s Discount, fill out the application HERE.

To save even more when shopping for educational supplies, join a Homeschool Co-op! For more info visit HERE.

Retail shopping is available to everyone! We have a very broad product line and ship world-wide! Whether shopping for Arabic learning tools, educational magnet sets, Islamic achievement badges, stylish Muslim flair, or card sets and charts to help you learn, live and love your deen, we have something for everyone… Muslim and non-Muslim alike! Be sure to subscribe to our blog to receive updates on sales and promotions, and visit our FB page for new product announcements and fun contests!

You may shop online via our WEB STORE


you may shop online, via our ETSY SHOP.