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Tariq Teaches: Allah’s Names – Day 3 – Al-Malik | Creative Motivations

99 names kids -al-malik- dual image

3 - Universe belong to Allah


Allah is the King of everything in the entire universe! He owns and has power over everything: every planet and star, every insect and animal, every mountain and tree, the cars, the buildings, every single person… even you! It all belongs to Allah and WE all belong to Allah. We are all a part of Allah’s amazing kingdom!

People may own things, you may own your shirt or toys, but you don’t always have control over them. Your parents might take them away from you, or they could be broken, stolen, or lost! Allah has COMPLETE control over everything in His kingdom. No one could ever take any part of it away from Him, and nothing happens in His kingdom without His permission. He is the true King of the universe!

3 - follow the rules


All kings have certain rules in their kingdom that people are supposed to follow. Your mom or dad might be the ruler of your home. They make rules, too, like what time you have to go to bed or how late you can play outside. If you’re good and you follow the rules, you won’t get into any trouble, and your parents will be happy with you. They may even reward you for being good!

In Allah’s kingdom, He has certain rules for us to follow, too! Allah teaches us those rules in the Qur’an and Sunnah! We need to learn those rules to be sure we are following them correctly. This makes Al-Malik, The King, happy with us and He rewards us for being good subjects in His kingdom!



3 - tiger - kings and queens


Everyone is a Malik (King) or Malika (Queen) of something. What are some things that you own? Do you have toys and books, or clothes and shoes that belong to you? Maybe you have a pet that you care for. Always remember that Allah is the Best King! He is always fair, kind and generous. He takes care of everything in His kingdom. You should be a good Malik or Malika, too! If you have toys or clothes that are yours, you should always take good care of them. Put your toys away when you’re done playing so they won’t get broken, fold or hang your clothes so they stay nice and clean. 

If you have a pet, you should take very good care of your little animal friend. Never hit it or say mean things to it. Always remember to feed it on time, play with it and show it lots of love. This is how a good King or Queen takes care of their kingdom! And always remember, you may be the King or Queen of some things, but Allah is the King of everything, even your kingdom! So by taking care of your kingdom, you are also taking care of a small, but important part, of Allah’s kingdom. 



3 - tiger - arrogant


Allah is the true King of everything in the universe! He is much bigger, more powerful, and more amazing than anything and anyone. But sometimes we can start to feel arrogant, like maybe you have nicer toys than someone else, maybe your house is bigger or you get better grades or have more friends than someone you know. And when you start to feel arrogant, you act like you are better or more special than someone else. And you treat the other person badly.

First, remember that Allah is the True King! Everything you have, you only have because Allah gave it to you. If you make Allah unhappy, He can easily take all of it away! Second, remember that Allah doesn’t like when we look down on others and treat them badly. He likes His subjects to be good and kind to one another. So, no matter how much Allah has blessed you with, you should never ever be snobby or arrogant and treat others badly. Instead, to be a good subject in Allah’s kingdom, you should be humble and grateful that Allah is kind and generous with you, and you should treat everyone in His kingdom with kindness and respect!

tiger - delightful dhikr


The Prophet Muhammad (s) teaches us many ways to earn blessings with Allah. One way is to make Dhikr. Dhikr is a special way of remembering Allah and praising Him. Some Dhikr has special rewards that you can only get if you say it the way the Prophet (s) taught us to say it.

Since today we learned about Allah as “Al-Malik – The King” and we talked about Allah’s kingdom, we are going to learn a special Dhikr that helps us remember that Allah is The King, and the kingdom of the whole universe belongs to Him!


3 - Al-Malik - Duaa Scroll

If you say this Dhikr 100 times in a day, you will receive AMAZING rewards:

The same reward as freeing TEN slaves!
100 good deeds are written for you (WOW!)
100 bad deeds are washed away (YAY!)
You are protected from Shaytaan until night time


…and no one else will be able to show anything better than what you did unless they recited this dhikr more than 100 times. That’s TIGERtastic!

tiger - dhikr reminder



Now it’s time to see how much you’ve learned! Read on below to review the lesson with Tariq and test your knowledge. If you do well, you’ll earn another Tiger Badge! Ready? Set. Go!

icon - tiger forget

1. Al-Malik is one of Allah’s Names, and it means “The King.”

2. Allah is the King of everything in the entire universe!

3. We are all kings or queens of something, we should be good rulers, like Allah!

4. Allah doesn’t like His subjects to be arrogant.

icon - tiger think

1. What makes Allah such a wonderful King?   

2. If you we’re invited to talk to a King, how would you prepare yourself? Would you wear certain clothes? Talk a certain way? Making du’aa and praying the daily salaats are special times when you get to talk to Allah, Al-Malik, the King of the Universe! What should you do to prepare yourself to talk to Allah?

3. We are all kings or queens of something, what can you do to be a better ruler of your own kingdom?

4. What differences can you find between the kingdoms of men, which have limits and boundaries, and the Kingdom of Allah, which has no limits and includes the entire universe?


icon - tiger test

1. What does the Name, Al-Malik, mean?

2. What is included in Allah’s kingdom?

3. Does Allah like for His subjects to be arrogant?

4.  Name TWO rewards you receive for making today’s special dhikr.

icon - tiger try

1. We’re all kings or queens of something! Draw a picture of all of the things in your own little kingdom. How do you take care of your kingdom and be a good ruler? What are the rules of your kingdom?

2. What makes a good King? Write a list with at least FIVE qualities of a good king! If you need help, think about how Allah takes care of His kingdom. How does He treat the people? What does he do to help the earth? How does He help the animals and insects?

3. Today you learned an amazing new type of Dhikr! Saying it 100 times can seem like a lot, but it’s definitely worth it because of all those amazing rewards! If saying it 100 times all at once is too hard, try saying it 20 times with each prayer! If you’re not praying yet, that’s ok. Sit down with your mom or dad after they pray each prayer, and ask them to say it with you! After saying it 20 times after each of the five prayers, you will have done it 100 times! That’s PAWsome!



3 - tiger tot


Chart- 99 Names for kids - DOWNLOAD STAR

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3 -al-malik ws

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