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Although Allah is merciful to everyone, He has a special mercy just for the Muslims! Allah gives us this extra special mercy as a reward for believing in Him, obeying Him, and doing good deeds. So, being a Muslim means you are very special to Allah and He loves you very much!

We should always remember that Allah loves us and try hard to make Him happy and not disappoint Him by misbehaving and doing bad deeds. But it’s ok to make mistakes. Everyone makes a mistake now and then, so when you make a mistake, just ask Allah, Ar-Raheem, to forgive you and help you be better. He has lots of mercy for us and likes when we ask Him for forgiveness or help.



Being Muslims means we’re special and being special to Allah comes with many very wonderful rewards. Allah shows us His special mercy for us in many ways.


Some examples are by:


  • Answering our du’aas
  • Loving us and drawing near to us
  • Protecting us from harm
  • Guiding us in Islam
  • Rewarding us with Paradise



To learn more about some of these special mercies, read on below!

Answering our du’aas means: When we sincerely ask Allah for certain things, He answers our prayers! He doesn’t always answer in the way we expect, but He does always answer by giving us what’s best for us! So we should call upon Him often. What’s something you would like to ask Allah for?

Loving us and helping us be near to Him means: How do you feel when you spend time with your best friend? You feel happy, right? What about spending time with just you and your mom or dad? You feel safe and loved when you spend time with someone who you know loves you very much. That’s what it’s like when Allah loves you and helps you be near to Him. It will make you feel happy and safe.

Rewarding us with Paradise means: One of the BEST parts of being Muslim is that we get to go to Paradise in the next life! Paradise is more wonderful than anything you can imagine! You get to eat the most delicious foods, you can play with all the toys you have ever wanted, and you’re surrounded by people you love.

In Paradise, we never get sick, or tired, we never feel angry or sad. We’re always happy and smiling. Paradise is a special mercy that Allah saves only for the Muslims. And the more good deeds you do in this life, the more wonderful Paradise will be for you in the next life! What are some things you would like to have in Paradise?




Allah shows us His special mercy because we believe in Him, obey Him, and do good deeds! So you have to do more than just be Muslim… you have to be a GOOD Muslim! The best way to be a good Muslim is to follow the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (s).

The Prophet (s) teaches us many ways to be good Muslims. From something simple like saying “Bismillah” before we eat, to something bigger like giving in charity. Can you think of some things that the Prophet (s) has taught us to do that make Allah happy?



Allah favors the Muslims with extra kindness and mercy and so we should favor our fellow Muslims, too! Remember that we are all one big family. The Muslims are your brothers and sisters, so you should treat them with the same kindness and mercy you would treat your own family.

There are many ways to be kind and merciful. Sharing your food and toys, helping out with chores and other tasks, even smiling and greeting with the “Salaam” is a way of showing your kindness and mercy. Being extra nice to the Muslims is a way to gain more of Allah’s mercy!

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1. Ar-Raheem is one of Allah’s Names and it means “The Especially Merciful”

2. Allah’s has a special mercy just for the Muslims!

3. The Muslims are one big family, we should always be kind to each other.

4. We should always be GOOD Muslims to truly earn Allah’s love and mercy.

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1. Can you think of a way Allah is merciful to the Muslims?  

2. Why is being Muslim such a great mercy from Allah?  

3. What are some ways you can show mercy to other Muslims?

4. What is your favorite part of going to Paradise?


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1. What does the Name, Ar-Raheem, mean?

2. Can you name TWO ways that Allah shows His special mercy to the Muslims?

3. What are TWO ways you can show mercy to your Muslims family, friends and neighbors?

4.  Will everyone go to Paradise?

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1. Since Allah has a special mercy for the Muslims, and we want to work hard to be GOOD Muslims, if you have trouble misbehaving today, make du’aa and ask Allah, Ar-Raheem, to forgive you and help you be a better little Muslim.

2. The Muslims are one BIG FAMILY! We should spread love among our family. One way to spread love and mercy is by smiling at people and giving them the “Salaam!” Try smiling and saying, “As Salaamu Alaikum” to at least FIVE Muslims today. You can even give the “Salaam” to your siblings or parents, but you get extra points for saying “Salaam” to Muslims you don’t know!

3. Allah loves for us to be GOOD Muslims and follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad (s). Ask your parent to teach you ONE new sunnah today! Learning about the sunnah and following it is a great way to help you become the BEST Muslim you can be!





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