Ar-Rahman – The Entirely Merciful


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Allah, Ar-Rahman, is full of love and mercy for you and everything in existence! Do you know what mercy is? Mercy is when someone is kind and forgiving of you, even when you may not deserve it; when they have the right and ability to punish you, but they don’t out of kindness and mercy. You can see mercy in the behavior of the creatures around you, at school among your teachers and friends, and even at home with your family.


Have you ever seen how a mother cat cleans and cares for her kittens? Even though they may bite or annoy her, she is very gentle with them, and doesn’t abandon them or bite them back.

Or what about at school? Have you ever forgotten your homework or turned it in late, and the teacher didn’t penalize you for it? Maybe she was kind and told you to just remember it tomorrow. These are both examples of mercy. You experience mercy at home too!

Have you ever had a younger sibling break your things or annoy you, but you were patient with them and didn’t yell or punish them for it? Maybe you forget to do your chores, or you say something rude to your mom, and instead of punishing you, she forgives you for it and gives you another chance. That is mercy!


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All of this happens because of Allah’s mercy. He is full of mercy for us, but he also put mercy in our hearts for each other. However, the mercy that Allah, Ar-Rahman, has is greater than all the mercy in the universe! His mercy is so huge that it includes everyone! He is not only merciful to the Muslims, but He is even merciful to the non-Muslims, kind people and cruel people, good people and bad people, He even shows His mercy to insects, plants and animals! Allah’s mercy extends to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in existence! Unlike people, who may choose to be merciful only to people they like, Allah is merciful to you even if you disobey Him. This is why we should never ever forget that Allah is Ar-Rahman, The Entirely Merciful!



Even though you sometimes misbehave, remember that Allah will not run out of mercy. You can always turn to Him and sincerely as Him for forgiveness for your mistakes. And guess what? The more merciful you are to others, the more merciful Allah will be towards you. He LOVES when we are kind and merciful to each other, even when we’re merciful to animals and insects. So you should always try to be merciful to others so that Allah will be merciful to you. 


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#1. Ar-Rahman is one of Allah’s Names and it means “The Entirely Merciful”

#2.  Allah’s mercy extends to everyone and everything in existence!

#3. Allah loves when we are kind and merciful to each other.

#4. When we need Allah’s mercy, we should call on Him by this Name, Ar-Rahman.

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#1. Can you think of a time when someone was merciful to you?

#2. Can you think of a time when you really needed Allah’s mercy?  

#3. Think about Allah’s mercies in your life, can you name any?  

#4. What are some ways you can show mercy to your parents, teachers, or animal friends?


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#1. What does the Name, Ar-Rahman, mean?

#2. Is Allah only merciful to people He likes?

#3. Can you spot mercy when you see it?

There’s a new girl at school who no one wants to play with because she looks different. Which is more merciful? Playing with your own friends and leaving her alone? Or inviting her to play with you so she doesn’t feel left out?

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#1. If you find yourself in any trouble today, try raising your hands up in du’aa and asking Allah,Ar-Rahman, to be merciful to you and make the situation easy for you. If you see someone else having a hard time, you can make du’aa for them, using this Name, too!

#2. Pay attention to the animal world today, go on a walk, look out the window, or even watch a nature program on TV. Try to point out instances of Allah’s mercy, both in how He is merciful to the animals and how the animals show mercy to each other.

#3. Show your mercy today! If someone annoys or upsets you, be patient and forgiving, have mercy on them just as you would like Allah to have mercy upon you!



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