ANNOUNCEMENT: Shop Closing Tomorrow! (Monday, 5/19) + UPDATE on Reopening!

We will be closing down the shop tomorrow (Monday at Midnight, EST). We’ve been open temporarily with a few products to support the 99 Names Project for the last two months. (99 Names card sets, calendars, magnets, charts, etc). Please try to get any last-minute orders in before then. We need to suspend the shop completely in order to prepare for Ramadan. We will try to open for about a week shortly before Ramadan for final Ramadan orders, if possible, but will be closed for the month of Ramadan, insha’Allah.

Ive made Istikhaara (the prayer for guidance) about reopening for the Summer as we’ve had some road blocks in our outsourcing and restructuring of the company. I will continue to make it until I get a strong inclination (or a direct means) to reopen in a manner that works for our family, insha’Allah. We don’t want to close permanently, but are considering delaying the reopening until after Ramadan.

Several people have inquired about the road blocks, they are listed below:

Finances, first. We needed to do a fundraising campaign to fund the outsourcing of materials, but I havent been able to get it off the ground. I have some health issues that make in-house production very difficult and inefficient at the volume we need.

Time, second. I am doing the 99 Names Project this year and hadnt realized that Ramadan fell so early in summer. Im so tied up with the project, I havent had time to facilitate the outsourcing/order processing, etc.

Family, third. My daughter is 3 now, and I need to start doing more educational/pre-school activities with her. If I outsourced, none of this would be an issue… but if I have to continue to do production in-house it takes away from my time for my family as well. Production, development, promotions and customer service are extremely time-consuming. And this is a one-woman show 

Ramadan, fourth. We have a lot of awesomeness planned for this Ramadan, study and activities at home, etc. And I dont want to be distracted with order production when I need to be with the family, insha’Allah.

It does all boil down to one or two things:

-We need to outsource and move the company to an outside location (rather than home office) and…
-We need to hire a little help for assembly/customer service.

Which brings us back to fundraising. Wanted to put together a really awesome campaign with video, etc, that runs for 6-12 months. We need to raise about $20,000+ to truly outsource the production, build stock, etc. This doesnt include getting an outside facility, hiring staff, etc… but we figure once we outsource, we’ll be able to fill orders faster and generate more income which will help with getting a new location + hiring staff, insha’Allah.

If you have an opinion on the matter, please chime in via email reply or our Facebook Page, insha’Allah. And please make du’aa that Allah guide us to the best decision for our business, our deen, and our family… and ask that He make the way easy for us and reward us for our efforts. 

JZK for your continued support and I appreciate your feedback and continued duaas on this matter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Salaam & Success!

Sis K
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