Creative Motivations Kids Corner

Infographic: Understanding Allah as the Creator

In an effort to help clarify the subtle differences between Allah’s Names “Al-Khaaliq” – The Creator, “Al-Baari'” – The Inventor, and “Al-Musawwir” – The Fashioner, we have produced a simple infographic showing the subtle differences between each name.

View the infographic here:

VIDEO: Shaitaan & the Three Knots

Did you know that Shaitaan ties three knots at the back of your head each night, so that you will struggle to wake up and remember Allah in the morning?

Watch this short video that shows you the way Shaitaan tries to harm you and keep you from Allah’s blessings!

VIDEO: The Five Pillars of Islam

Do you know the essentials of your faith? Come along as Yusuf explains to his friend Alex the Five Pillars of Islam:Belief, Prayer, Fasting, Charity, and Pilgrimage! If you have non-Muslim friends, here’s a great way to explain your religion to them!