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In an effort to help clarify the subtle differences between Allah’s Names “Al-Khaaliq” – The Creator, “Al-Baari'” – The Inventor, and “Al-Musawwir” – The Fashioner, we have produced a simple infographic showing the subtle differences between each name. This infographic is not intended to be all-inclusive of the various meanings and nuances of each Name, rather it is intended to focus upon the differences to allow for an easier comprehension of the unique qualities of each Name when compared to the others, and Allah knows best their true meanings and explanations. For more detailed information on each Name please visit: The 99 Names Project. We have gleaned these explanations from various lectures and texts all based upon the authentic Quran & Sunnah. The resources include:

  • List of Names: Sheikh ibn Uthaymeen’s Al-Qawaa`id Al-Muthlaa – List Available HERE
  • Video Series: In the Name of Allah by Dr Bilal Philips –  Available HERE
  • Video Series: The 99 Names of Allah by Dr Suhaib Hasan Abdul Ghaffar – Available HERE
  • Book: The Noble Quran – Available HERE
  • Book Series: Tafseer Ibn Kathir – Available HERE (Volume 9)
  • Book: An Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah by Shaykh Nasir As-Sa’di – Available HERE
  • Book: Who Is Allah? His Names and Attributes and their Significance to the Individual  by Umm Abdurrahman Sakina Hirschfelder – Available HERE
  • Website: Understand Quran Academy – Asma ul Husna Series – Available HERE
  • Website: – Several Articles – Available HERE
  • Website: Islam Q & A – Fataawa on the Topic – Available HERE
  • Web Document: Qabeelat Nurayn Projects Committee – Ahadun Ahad – Available HERE

I am not a scholar or student of knowledge and am only making an effort to bring beneficial knowledge to the Ummah. If any errors exist in this infographic, please contact me via our Contact Us page so that I may make the appropriate corrections, insha’Allah. I ask Allah’s forgiveness for any mistakes I may have made, His guidance for myself and the viewers of this information, and His reward for those who seek to gain and spread authentic and beneficial knowledge (to the Ummah). Ameen!

Learn more about Allah’s Name:
Al-Khaaliq – The Creator
Al-Baari’ – The Inventor
Al-Musawwir – The Fashioner

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