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Creative Motivations Homeschool Buying Co-ops | Creative Motivations

What is a Co-op?

A Homeschool Buying Cooperative is an organized group of homeschooling parents who join together to use their increased purchasing power to get steeply discounted pricing on educational materials, services and supplies. Simply stated, by combining their orders into one larger order, Homeschool Buying Co-ops are able to get the same materials for much cheaper than individual retail customers. Buying in groups also has far-reaching benefits, beyond just saving money!

Benefits of Co-ops

There are many benefits to Buying Co-ops! Besides the obvious savings, members of Creative Motivations’ Homeschool Buying Co-ops save money on shipping costs, have no per-item minimums to receive discounts (as with bulk and wholesale purchasing), earn increased discounts with tiered purchase minimums, receive exclusive access to Specialty Co-op Package Deals, and enjoy the increased sisterhood/camaraderie + shared resources that is intrinsic to the co-op environment.

How to Join a Co-op

If a co-op already exists in your area, joining is as simple as contacting the co-op leader and requesting membership. Each co-op has its own rules and requirements for its members, so be sure to discuss these before signing on. If there is no co-op in your area, you may start your own! The process is incredibly simple and recruiting enough members to qualify as a co-op is a breeze! Read on below to learn how to get started.

Joining a local homeschool buying co-op is an excellent way to save money on our growing line of exciting new homeschooling products! Becoming a member is completely FREE and you will not only enjoy steep discounts on our entire product line, you will also enjoy members-only benefits like access to specialty co-op package deals and promotions, tiered discount pricing, savings on shipping costs, discounts and special admission to CM homeschooling events, early entry into contests and competitions, and the joy and excitement of networking and sharing resources with other homeschooling families in your area.

We look forward to having you as a part of our Homeschooling Family!


No co-op in your area? It’s easy to start your own! Starting your own homeschool buying co-op only requires that you are a homeschooler, have a valid mailing address and are interested in saving money when purchasing Creative Motivations Educational Products! Co-op leaders must recruit a minimum of four families (for a total of five members) to begin purchasing at co-op pricing. However, you may apply for and register your co-op before recruiting members, and we will list your co-op on our website as a pending group in need of new members. The application process for a new co-op is very simple. You may apply online HERE.



STEP 1:  Recruit at least 4 other Homeschooling Families. Share this page with them to educate them on the benefits of a co-op! (You may still apply without the total 5 families, but you will not be able to purchase until all 5 slots are filled.) You are welcome to recruit more than four additional families. The more members, the greater your purchasing power!

STEP 2:  Collect co-op members contact info. Name, complete mailing address, phone number, email address, etc.

STEP 3:  Apply ONLINE. The online application only takes a few minutes, but you will need the contact info for each co-op member recruited to get started.

STEP 4:  Once your co-op is approved you will receive a welcome packet (via email) with your unique co-op discount codes, which may be used in the retail store to purchase at tiered discount pricing. You are welcome to begin planning your first order before your application is approved. 

STEP 5:  Plan a regular meeting time (whether in-person or online) for your co-op to organize group purchases. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other homeschooling parents, schedule play dates, and share and exchange resources. We recommend meeting at least twice per month for a successful co-op experience!

BONUS:  The more members you recruit, the better your buying power and tiered discounts. Encourage members to look for other serious homeschooling parents who would make a great addition to your homeschool buying co-op!

A Creative Motivations Homeschool Buying Co-op is, in simplest terms, an organized group of homeschooling parents who combine their purchases to gain access to special discounts and privileges afforded only to registered buying cooperatives.

Homeschool Buying Co-ops have a $250 purchase minimum per order. While each co-op must have at least 5 participating families, it is not necessary for every family to purchase with each co-op order placed. As long as the minimum is met, the order will qualify for co-op pricing. Co-ops have the added benefit of no per-item minimums. While retail bulk buyers, wholesale clients, and educational institutions must purchase a minimum quantity per item to receive discounted pricing, co-ops may purchase as little as one of each item, and still receive the discount. Co-ops also receive tiered discounts based upon purchase totals. So, as the overall order total increases, the percent discount increases as well. This is why more co-op members increases your buying power and potential discount!

A typical Homeschool Buying Co-op will meet 1-4 times per month. Members may browse the site ahead of time to get an idea of what they plan to order, or they may use the meeting time to discuss and plan their order together. A meeting may be hosted at the co-op leaders home, rotate to different members’ homes, meet at a park, library or other central location, or even meet online in a group, conference, or messenger app. Some co-ops may opt to organize orders via email or phone, however, much of the fun and benefit of a co-op is meeting in person and enjoying the sisterhood, shared resources, and play time for the children of group members.

Co-op leaders place the group order as a single purchase. Members may opt to pay for their portion of the order ahead of time with cash or Paypal transfers (recommended). Other co-ops may not require member payments until the goods are delivered. Co-op orders are only shipped to the registered leader address. Co-op leaders are then responsible for disbursing the goods, whether by local pick-up or for more spread out co-ops, reshipping to co-op members. We recommend keeping your co-op membership local to encourage in-person meetings and to avoid additional shipping arrangements/costs.

Once the goods are disbursed, the co-op order is complete! Each member receives their items at steeply discounted pricing, highly reduced shipping costs (esp. local-only co-ops), with the added benefit of networking and sharing resources with fellow homeschooling families. Co-ops can remain small or may grow to upwards of a hundred members! Whether your co-op is small or big, it is a truly wonderful arrangement and we look forward to welcoming you to the Creative Motivations Homeschool Family!