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A detailed explanation from tayyibat.wordpress.com: Al-Muhaymin


Linguistically, Al Muhaymin has several meanings.

1) It said to mean Al Ameen, the Trustworthy One and the One whom others are safe.

2) Muhaymin is also understood to be Mu’aymin, the ha (ه) read as a hamza (ء). Mu’aymin means One who offers Peace and Security.

3) Another meaning is said to be Ar Raqeeb, the Watcher, and Al Haafidh, the One who protects and Guards.

4) The fourth meaning is Ash Shaahid, the Watchful One, the One who Observes.  …more.

A detailed explanation from Understand Quran Academy + How to Apply it to Our Lives: The Answer is Al-Muhaymin!

Excerpt: Allah calls Himself al-Muhaymin, The Guardian, The Witness, The Overseer, on one occasion in the Quran [Surah al-Hashr:23]. Al Muhaymin is the One who observes His creation with regards to their actions described ibn Abbas (ra), reported by Ibn Kathir.  He, subhanahu wa ta’alaa, sees every deed you do! …more.

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Muhaymin:

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Dr. Bilal Philips Video series explaining the name, Al-Muhaymin, in detail:

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Sh. Suhaib Hasan Video series explaining the Name, Al-Muhaymin, in detail:

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