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Explanation of Allah’s Name, Al-Muqeet, from Understand Quran Academy:


Allah calls Himself Al-Muqeet— The All-Sustainer, The All-Nourisher, The All-Preserver— on one occasion in the Quran. He is the powerful maintainer who sustains, nourishes, protects, and oversees all that exists. Al-Muqeet is taking care of all living beings by sending down all kinds of physical and spiritual nourishment for them!

The Ultimate Maintainer, Nourishing and Overseeing Creation

Muqeet come from the root qaaf-waw-taa, which carries four main meanings. The first meaning is to supply, maintain, and sustain. The second main meaning of this root is to feed and nourish. The third is to keep, preserve, and guard, and the fourth is to witness, observe, and watch over.

This root appears twice in the Quran in two derived forms. Examples of these forms are aqwātahā (its sustenance) and muqeetan (a keeper).

Linguistically, muqeet refers to the attribute of sustaining. Al-Muqeet sustains bodies and the souls and He has taken it upon Himself to sustain His creation. As He creates all things, Al-Muqeet also creates what sustains them; He makes accessible what is necessary and what is luxury. He gives us what we need to survive, until He wills to put an end to life— then He simply withholds what keeps us alive. Al-Muqeet alone is capable and knowledgeable of everything.


Explanation of the Name, Al-Muqeet, from Ahadun Ahad:


The One who provides everything that is in existence with what would strengthen it. Who provides its nourishment and directs it however He Wills in accordance to His Wisdom and Praise. The Master who is capable of anything, and who rewards and punishes His creation. The Sustainer and Supporter who gives strength and ability to His creation. The One who protects and witnesses over His creation. The One Who is All Able to do and Witness everything; the One Who preserves all things and knows all states and conditions of His creatures, and gives every existing being its provision in accordance to His Wisdom.


Explanation of the Name, Al-Muqeet, from Sheikh as-Sa’di:


The One who provides everything in existence with what would strengthen it, who provides it its nourishment and directs it howsoever He wills in accordance to His wisdom and praise.


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Explanation of Al-Muqeet from the book, “Who is Allah?“:

Verse from the Qur’an:

{Whosoever intercedes for a good cause will have the reward thereof, and whosoever intercedes for an evil cause will have a share in its burden. And Allah is Ever All-Able to do (and also a Witness to) everything.} (Qur’an 4:85)



Ibn Katheer commented, “Ibn ‘Abbas, ‘Ata’, ‘Atiyah, Qatâdah and Matar Al-Warraq said that, Muqit means, ‘Watcher.’ Mujahid said that Muqit means, ‘Witness’, and in another narration, ‘Able to do.’”  Ali Tamimi explained: He is the One Who gives every creature what it needs for its survival, whether He brings their sustenance to them or leads them to it. He gives the creatures their sustenance in due proportion and time. Al-Qurṭubi has identified at least the following three understandings of this particular name: – the Master who is capable of anything, and who rewards and punishes His creation – the Sustainer and Supporter who gives strength and ability to His creation – the One who protects and witnesses over His creation.



Knowing that Allah (the Exalted) is the All-Able inspires the servants of Allah to put their full trust in Him. They understand that Allah (the Exalted) can do anything; therefore they feel solace and peace in that knowledge. They never despair; instead, they trust in Allah’s support and strength. They turn to Allah in supplication and prayer for their needs, knowing that Allah (the Exalted) is the All-Able.


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Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Muqeet:

How to Pronounce Al-Muqeet



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Iman’s Homeschool was wonderful enough to participate in the FIRST annual 99 Names Project and created these fabulous downloadable worksheets to go along with the program. There are these educational worksheets, as well as fun coloring sheets for younger children, and various lesson plans, lapbooks, and other resources ideal for homeschooling parents. Just visit her blog to find more resources

A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Muqeet

61-muqeet - ih - worksheet imageWorksheet Available Here: Al-Muqeet

All Worksheets Available Here: Al-Muqeet & All Worksheets

Coloring Sheets Available Here: Al-Muqeet & All Coloring Sheets

Explanation of the Name, Al-Muqeet and others, by Dr. Suhaib Hasan:

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Explanation of the Name, Al-Muqeet, in ARABIC ONLY, by Dr. Mohamed Ratib Al-Nabulsi:

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