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A detailed explanation from tayyibat.wordpress.com: Al-Mu’min


If Allah ta’ala is Al Mu’min: He gives aman (safety, security and freedom from fear) so His creation is saved from His injustice. We learned this with the name As Salaam. We know that we commit so many sins throughout the days and nights, yet Allah pardons us. If Allah were to take account of everyone for all of their sins, not a single creature would remain living. In the dunya, we only suffer very slight consequences of our sins and if Allah were to inflict retribution for all of our bad deeds, not a creature would prosper. Allah ta’ala does not do injustice upon His creations, not even the slightest.  …more

A detailed explanation and how to apply it to our lives from Understand Quran Academy: The Answer is Al-Mu’min!


Linguistically, this Name includes two main meanings. One is emaan, which is to affirm something and the opposite of it is to deny something. Al Mu’min is the One who affirms and believes His oneness. The other main meaning is aman, which means security, safety, and freedom from fear. Allah is the One who gives security. And what is the opposite of security? Fear. Allah is the One Who removes fear (look at the last ayah of Surah Quraysh). From the same root is also the word amaanah (translated as “a trust”), which also includes “the One who is faithful” in the meaning of this Name. …more

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Mu’min:


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Resources for Kids from Iman’s Homeschool
Worksheet Available Here: Al-Mu’min

Coloring Sheets Available Here: Al-Mu’min Coloring Sheet

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Dr. Bilal Philips Video series explaining the name, Al-Mu’min, in detail:

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Sh. Suhaib Hasan video series explaining the Name, Al-Mu’min, and others in detail:

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