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Explanation of Al-Kareem from Understand Quran Academy:


Kareem,  Akram, and Ikraam come from the root kaaf-raa-meem, which points out to two main meanings. The first meaning is to be generous, giving, and beneficent. The second main meaning of this root is to be highly esteemed, honoured and valued.  This root appears 47 times in the Quran in eight derived forms. Examples of these forms are al-akram(“the Most Generous”), kareemun (“noble”), kiraaman (“dignified ones”), al-mukrameen (“the honoured ones”)  and al-ikraam (“and Honor ”).

In the Arabic language ‘kareem’ does not just mean generous but the term embraces many meanings. ‘Kareem’ includes being forbearing, kind, gentle, patient, noble, pure and beneficial. In other words each and every laudable thing is being described as ‘kareem’. Examples are a precious ‘kareem’ stone, a beneficial ‘kareem’ letter and a noble, good-looking, a ‘kareem’ person.  


Explanation of the Name, Al-Kareem, from Ahadun Ahad:


The One who is noble, generous, and gracious to all that is in existence. The believers have been specifically singled out for this, and they are granted a goodly and the best portion of this.

The Most Generous who abundantly gives from His bounty which never ends. He gives, seeking nothing in return. Everything belongs to Him: whatever He gives is His and whatever He takes is His. He does not give because of the means taken by His creation, for He is the One who started the favors upon His creation. Even when He says He gives because of such and such act, the giving and the means are from Him and thus all are His favor. He bestows His grace to who He wills from His Slaves.


Explanation of the Name, Al-Kareem, from Sheikh as-Sa’di:


Ar-Rahmaan (The Most Beneficent), ar-Raheem (the Most Merciful), al-Barr (The Generous), al-Kareem (the Kind), al-Jawwaad (The Bestower of Good), ar-Ra`oof (the Kind), al-Wahhaab (The Bestower)>All of these Names are close in meaning and all of them point to describing the Lord with Mercy, Generosity, Kindness, and to the great expanse of His Mercy and Generosity that encompasses all that is existence being granted in accordance to what His Wisdom dictates. The believers have been specifically singled out for this and they are granted a goodly and the best portion of this as Allaah said, “My Mercy encompasses all things and I shall decree it for those who have taqwaa.” (7:156) So the blessings and the good are all from the effects of His Mercy, Generosity and Kindness just as all the goodness in this world and in the Hereafter is from the effects of His Mercy.

“‘Verily, we used to invoke Him Alone before. Verily He is the Generous, the Most Merciful.” (52:28)

“O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Kind.” (82:6)

“And had it not been for the Grace of Allaah and His Mercy on you, (Allaah would have hastened the Punishment). And that Allaah is the Kind, the Most Merciful.” (24:20)

“(They say): Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us Mercy from You. Truly you are the Bestower.” (3:8)



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Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Kareem:



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Iman’s Homeschool was wonderful enough to participate in the FIRST annual 99 Names Project and created these fabulous downloadable worksheets to go along with the program. There are these educational worksheets, as well as fun coloring sheets for younger children, and various lesson plans, lapbooks, and other resources ideal for homeschooling parents. Just visit her blog to find more resources


A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Kareem


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Coloring Sheets Available Here: Al-Kareem & All Coloring Sheets

Explanation of the Name, Al-Kareem, and others, by Dr Suhaib Hasan

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