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Explanation of Al-Fattaah from Understand Quran Academy + How to apply it to our lives:


Allah calls Himself Al-Fattaah— The Opener, The Revealer— on one occasion in the Quran. He is the One who opens all doors of blessing for His slaves. Al-Fattaah judges what shall be opened from opening hearts, clarifying visions and opening doors to sustenance to conquering cities and revealing knowledge!

The Judge of All That is Opened, The Granter of Success

Fattaah comes from the root faa-taa-haa, which points to four main meanings. The first main meaning is to open, unlock, or reveal and make clear. The second main meaning is to make victorious, and the third is to judge or decide. The fourth main meaning is to permit or grant.

This root appears 38 times in the Quran in eight derived forms. Examples of these forms are fatahnaa (“We opened”), al-fathu (“the victory”), and mafaatihu (“[are the] keys”). Linguistically, fattaah has the structure of intensification; al-faatih is someone who opens.  Al-Fattaah is the ultimate judge who decides to open gates that no one else can open, in both literal and symbolical, physical and spiritual ways, and He is the source of victory and success.

Al-Fattaah Himself says: Say, Our Lord will bring us together; then He will judge between us in truth. And He is the Knowing Judge. [Quran, 34:26]

Explanation of the Name, Al-Fattaah, from Asma wa Sifaat:


“Shaykh ‘Abd ur-Rahmaan bin Sa’dee, rahimahullaah, said: ‘Al-Fattaah has two meanings.


The first meaning is: the One who judges between His slaves, and judges between them with His legislation and by rewarding those who obey (Him) and punishing those who disobey (Him) in the dunyaa and aakhira, as His, ta’aala, statement: {Say: ‘Our Lord will assemble us all together (on the Day of Resurrection), then He will judge between us in truth. And He is the Just Judge, the All-Knower of the true state of affairs’}, and His, ta’aala, statement: {‘Our Lord! Judge between us and our people in truth, for You are the Best of those who give judgment}. …more.

Explanation of the Name, Al-Fattaah, from the book, “Who is Allah?”:



Allah (the Exalted) is the most just and wise Judge. On the Day of Resurrection, all of creation will be brought together and judged with truth and justice. Everyone will be rewarded or punished accordingly. On that day, everyone will come to know whether or not they have attained victory and eternal happiness. All of the injustices of this world will be righted on that day by the perfect, just Judge.



Knowing that Allah (the Exalted) is the Judge compels believers to consider the day when they will be standing before the Judge, answering for their deeds in this life. That day will be severe, and it is those who believed in Allah and acted righteously who will be in good standing. With every action and intention, the believers contemplate what Allah will think of them. They are able to resist negative peer pressure by considering that they will be standing before Allah soon enough. What Allah thinks about individuals is much more important than what their peers, particularly non-Muslims, think. Ultimately Allah (the Exalted) will judge them and their peers as well. Keeping this in mind helps believers to stay on the straight path.


Definition for the Name, Al-Fattaah, from Ahadun Ahad:

The One Who will judge between His Servants. The Judge Who, on the Day of Judgment will judge with truth. He will support those who were guided, and punish those who were in error. The One who opens the eyes [and hearts] of those who are truthful and sincere by His Kindness. He opens the doors of mercy and sustenance for His servants and provides them the means of attaining both the good in this life and the Hereafter. The Most Trustworthy and Knowledgeable of His Judgment: He neither needs witnesses or investigations. He is the One who opens the gates of Mercy and sustenance to His creation. He is the One who opens their hearts to the truth and gives victory to His slaves.


Explanation of the Name, Al-Fattaah, by Sheikh Sa’di

The One Who will judge between His servants through His laws of the Shari’ah, His laws of decree, and His laws of recompense. The One Who opens the eyes of those who are truthful and sincere through His kindness. The One Who opens their hearts so that they can know Him, love Him, and repent to Him. He opens the doors of mercy and sustenance for His servants and provides them the means of attaining both the good in this life and the Hereafter.



Purchase the book: Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah by Sheik Abu ‘Abdur-Rahman Nasir as-Sa’di

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Fattaah:



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Iman’s Homeschool was wonderful enough to participate in the FIRST annual 99 Names Project and created these fabulous downloadable worksheets to go along with the program. There are these educational worksheets, as well as fun coloring sheets for younger children, and various lesson plans, lapbooks,and other resources ideal for homeschooling parents. Just visit her blog to find more resources!

1. Worksheet from Iman’s Homeschool:


A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Fattaah

Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Fattaah and others:

Video 1 of 1:

Br. Fahad Sarwani explaining the Name, Al-Fattaah, and how to apply it to your life:

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