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Explanation of Al-Qaabid from Understand Quran Academy + How to apply it to our lives: 


Qaabid comes from the root qaa-baa-daad, which refers to the attribute of withholding. It points to meanings like to lay hold of, to grasp, to make scarce, and to have absolute ownership of something (to hold in the hand). It also means to contract the heart, which causes distress, depression, and lack of joy.

Baasit comes from the root baa-seen-taa, which refers to the attribute of expanding.  It means to extend, to grant abundance, to provide amply and to widen, to make spacious. The term Baasitincludes a powerful and majestic sense of infusing something with a gift that will grow and flourish in great abundance.

Linguistically, the first name refers to decrease while the second to increase; these two actions embrace all things in existence. In other words, if Allah decreases something, this means that He withholds it, and if He increases something, this means that He extends it. Therefore these two names are mentioned together.


Explanation of the Name, Al-Qaabid, from Ahadun Ahad:


It is narrated in the Sunan of Abu Dawood that the people came to the Prophet (S) and requested that he fix prices due to high costs. The Prophet (S) said: “Indeed Allah is the One Who fixes prices, withholds, gives lavishly and provides, and I hope that when I meet Allah, none of you will have any claim on me for an injustice regarding blood or property.” The One Who takes the provisions and souls, and none can withhold provisions except for Him.  …more.

Explanation of the Name, Al-Qaabid by Sheikh Nasir as-Sa’di:


The one who takes the provisions and souls, the one who gives provisions freelv and gives life to]the hearts, all of this in compliance to His wisdom and mercy.…more.

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Explanation of the Name, Al-Qaabid, from the book, “Who is Allah?”:



Allah (the Exalted) is the restrainer and the withholder. He takes and constricts the wealth and sustenance of His creation as He wills.


Knowing that Allah (the Exalted) is the Constrictor fills Muslims with awe and fear of Allah. They understand that they must surrender to Allah in obedience, worship, and supplication, as a means of seeking Allah’s love. In this way, they seek to avoid having their sustenance constricted by Allah. They know that if Allah (the Exalted) holds back wealth from them, that it is a test for them. Being patient with it and striving to help themselves, while turning to Allah, is the manner in which to succeed. They are always grateful to Allah (the Exalted), even if they do not have much materially.


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Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Qaabid:




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tab-99 kids project ad2. 99 DAYS TIL RAMADAN Countdown Chart!

A Creative Motivations exclusive, this bright and eye-catching dry-erase chart is designed to create excitement and mindfulness at the approaching of Ramadan, insha’Allah! The chart can be downloaded (free of charge) for participants in the Annual 99 Names Project! You may also purchase the dry-erase version to be used year after year.

COuntdown calendar-3Printable Version    Dry-Erase Version


Iman’s Homeschool was wonderful enough to participate in the FIRST annual 99 Names Project and created these fabulous downloadable worksheets to go along with the program. There are these educational worksheets, as well as fun coloring sheets for younger children, and various lesson plans, lapbooks,and other resources ideal for homeschooling parents. Just visit her blog to find more resources!

A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Qaabid

Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Qaabid: 

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