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Explained in depth by tayyibaat.wordpress.com: Al-Malik Explained


Malik is the One who executes His command in His possession. Every malik (king) is not able to execute their amr (will). Malik is the one who owns and also has authority and command. The one to whom the amr (commanding) and nahy (forbidding) belong too. Only Allah has the power to command and forbid, He has the action and the word (kun, fa yakoon–be and it is). According to ibn Qayyim, Malik is the One who rules by His words, command and the One who gives the hukm (ruling). …more.

Explanation+ How to Live by this Name: Understand Quran Academy


Malik, Maalik and Maleek all come from the root maa-laa-kaa, which points to three main meanings. The first main meaning is to have possession and ownership. The second is to have power and ability and the third main meaning is to control and have authority.  …more.

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Malik:

Duaas using the name Al-Malik from Duas.com: Al-Malik

Dua when waking up at night #3:

Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: he -i.e. the prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)- used to say upon waking up [at night]:

Allah is the Greatest (10 times). All Praise is for Allah (10 times); How far from imperfections Allah is and I praise Him (10 times); How far from imperfections The King, and The Holy One is (10 times); I ask Allah for forgiveness (10 times); None has the right to be worshipped except Allah (10 times); then he would say:

O Allah, I seek refuge with you from the hardships of this world, and the hardships of the day of resurrection (10 times) ...then he would commence the prayer.


Other Du’aas using the Name, Al-Malik:

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After the opening takbeer in prayer #6

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In the morning and evening #11

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After finishing the witr prayer

Dua when waking up at night #3

Resources for Kids from Creative Motivations

TARIQ TEACHES: Allah’s 99 Names!

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1. 99 Names of Allah Card Set for KIDS:

Al-Malik – The King

99 names kids -al-malik- creative motivations

2. 99 Days til Ramadan Countdown Chart

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COuntdown calendar-3

Resources for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Malik

 Worksheet Available Here: Al-Malik


Coloring Sheets Available Here: Al-Malik Coloring Sheet


Also visit the page for additional info, activities and worksheets for kids!

Bilal Philips Video series explaining the name, Al-Malik, in detail:

Video 1 of 1:

Sheikh Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Malik, and others, in detail:

Video 1 of 1:

Dr. Ahsan Hanif explaining the Name, Al-Malik, and others, briefly:

Video 1 of 1:


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