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Explanation of Al-Wakeel from Understand Quran Academy + How to apply it to our lives:


Allah calls Himself Al-Wakeel— The Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs, The Guardian— on 14 occasions in the Quran. Al-Wakeel is the only One who takes charge of the affairs of those under His care, managing all matters as He pleases. He is the One to be relied on, for all power belongs to Him!


…Wakeel comes from the root waaw-kaaf-laam, which points to three main meanings. The first meaning is to appoint or entrust for the care or management of something. The second main meaning is to be a guardian of one’s interests, and the third is to rely upon.

This root appears 70 times in the Quran in four derived forms. Examples of these forms includetawakkaltu (“I put my trust”) and al-mutawakkileen (“the ones who put trust”).

Explanation of the Name, Al-Mujeeb, from Islam Q & A:


He is the Sustainer Who guarantees provision for His slaves and Who protects their interests. The reality is that He controls all affairs independently. The powers of creation and command belong entirely to Him and no one else possesses anything of them. And it was said that it means al-Haafiz, Who guarantees to sustain all that He has created. …more.

Explanation of the Name, Al-Wakeel, from Sheik as-Sa’di:


The One Who has the responsibility to dispose the affairs of the creation in accordance to His knowledge, perfect power and all-encompassing wisdom. The One Who looks after His friends and makes good easy for them, preserves them from evil and suffices for them in all of their affairs. …more


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Duas that mention Allah’s Name/Quality as Al-Wakeel:


Dua when struck with a calamity or when unable to do something:


Indeed Allah rebukes due to negligence and slackness, but take to determination and caution, and if a matter should overtake you then say:

“Allah is sufficient for me, and how fine a trustee (He is).”


“Hasbiy-allaahu wa ni‛m-al-wakeel.” …more.


Listen to this Duaa (Audio):



More Duaas:

Dua when encountering an enemy or when fearing those in authority:  Here

Dua when leaving the house: Here

Dua after the opening takbeer in prayer: Here

Dua & remembrance to be said at any time: Here

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Wakeel:


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1. 99 Names of Allah Card Set for KIDS: (Currently in development)

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2. 99 Days til Ramadan Countdown Chart:

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A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Wakeel

Sample Image:


Also visit the page for additional activities and worksheets for kids!

Br Majed Mahmoud explaining the Name, Al-Wakeel, in three parts:

Video 1 of 3:

Video 2 of 3:

Video 3 of 3:

Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Wakeel and others: Video 1 of 1:
Dr. Ahsan Hanif explains the Name, Al-Wakeel briefly:

Video 1 of 1:


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