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Explanation of Al-Wahhaab from Understand Quran Academy + How to apply it to our lives:


Allah (swt) calls Himself Al-Wahhaab— The Giver of Gifts, The Most Liberal Bestower— three times in the Quran. Al-Wahhaab is the All-Giver and gives gifts constantly, generously, and without expecting anything in return! According to the scholars this divine name is related to love. …more.

Duaa mentioning the Name, Al-Wahhaab:


“Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bountiful Giver.”

Rabbanaa laa tuzigh quloobanaa ba‛da idh hadaytanaa wa hab lanaa min ladunka raḥmah, innaka ant-al-wahhaab.   Surah Aal-‘Imran (3:8)  …more.


Listen to this du’aa:

Correct pronunciation of the Name, Al-Wahhaab:

Resources for Kids from CREATIVE MOTIVATIONS

TARIQ TEACHES: Allah’s 99 Names!

Let your child follow along with Tariq the Tiger as he teaches Allah’s 99 Names in fun, simple, child-friendly format. Includes fun printable badges, coloring sheets, and much more! Learn more about the “Tariq Teaches” program here.

1. 99 Names of Allah Card Set for KIDS: (Currently in development)

tab-99 kids project ad

2. 99 Days til Ramadan Countdown Chart:

Printable Version    Dry-Erase Version

COuntdown calendar-3



A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Wahhaab

Sample Image:


Also visit the page for additional activities and worksheets for kids!

Br Majed Mahmoud explaining the Name Al-Wahhaab in three parts:

Video 1 of 3:

Video 2 of 3:

Video 3 of 3:

Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Wahhaab, and others: Video 1 of 1:
Br. Fahad Sarwani of Falaq TV explains the Name, Al-Wahhaab, and practical ways to understand and apply the Name to our lives: Video 1 of 1:

Green Lane Masjid: Quran Bites – Explaining Al-Wahhaab

Video 1 of 1:


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