Al-Musawwir - The Fashioner


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A detailed explanation from Understand Quran Academy + How to Apply it to Our Lives: The Answer is Al-Musawwir


In Surah al-Hashr, Al-Musawwir’ is mentioned after al-Khaaliq (The Creator, The Maker) and al-Baari’ (The Originator).

Some scholars have said that in this ayah the attribute of creation refers specifically to Allah’s determination of what He creates, so it comes first. The name Al-Bāarī’ refers to the creative act of bringing about what Allah wills to create. Finally, the name Al-Musawwir (the Fashioner) refers to giving each created thing its particular form. So Allah decrees what He creates, brings it into existence, and specifies its particular, unique form.

Scholars also have mentioned that Al-Khaaliq is a general word, Al-Baari’ is more specific, and Al-Musawwir is even more specific.…more

Understanding Allah as the Creator:

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Correct Pronunciation of the Name: Al-Baari’

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TARIQ TEACHES: Allah’s 99 Names!

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A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Musawwir

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Dr Bilal Philips Explaining Al-Musawwir:

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Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Musawwir, and others:

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