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A detailed explanation from Understand Quran Academy + How to Apply it to Our Lives: The Answer is Al-Mutakabbir!


Mutakabbir comes from the root kaf-baa-raa which points out to different meanings. The first main meaning is to be great; to be great in size, rank or dignity. But also to be great in learning, most knowing. It as well points out to actively using rights, privileges, rank and attributes that are above and beyond the rights of everyone else. Only Allah is Al-Mutakabbir! …more

A detailed explanation from Islam Today: Allah is al-Mutakabbir

Excerpt: Allah teaches His devotees to be humble and prohibits them from domineering, tyrannical and aggressive behavior. Allah alone has the divine right to rule over His creation. His alone is all grandeur and greatness. He alone possesses omnipotent and irresistible power. Humanity’s place is one of humble submission. …more

Correct Pronunciation of the Name: Al-Mutakabbir


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Today’s name is “Al-Mutakabbir” – The Supreme, The Majestic

There are some Names which describes Allah’s essence or actions that we should try toincorporate into our own character, there are others that we should not try to incorporate (as when applied to human beings they take on a negative quality), and still others that we cannot incorporate at all.  Allah’s Name, Al-Mutakabbir, expresses the quality of Supremacy, with rank and attributes that are beyond the rights of everyone else.

However, when ‘mutakabbir’ is applied to human beings it takes on a very negative meaning.  Allah describes people as ‘mutakabbireen’ (the arrogant) several times in the Quran. It refers to the fact they have arrogance in their hearts and actions towards Allah, by disbelieving in His Signs. Further, they are arrogant to other people by looking down on them. Only Allaah is al-Mutakabbir, in a positive sense.

Thus, in understanding the Name ‘Al-Mutakabbir’ as it relates to us, it holds a quality that we should avoid as human beings, one of arrogance and undeserving pride. What is the opposite of kibr (arrogance)? It is humility; the adornment of a believer.

Abu Hurayrah (r) narrated that the Prophet (S) said: “…and no one will exercise humility for Allah’s sake, except that Allah will raise him up”. [Muslim]



For today’s ACTION CHALLENGE, in an effort to practice humility, you will:


1. Do a charitable act in the service of others. This cannot be an act that is a simple charity without affecting humility in the heart. Rather, it must be one wherein you place yourself in a position in which you are in the service of others and you require some sense of humility to complete the task. Some examples are:

  • Go pick up trash around the masjid or your own neighborhood. (Remember, there is great reward for the one who clears the path/road!)
  • When your spouse or parent returns home, kneel down to remove their shoes and/or offer to wash or massage their feet.
  • If you get into any argument or disagreement today, leave off the arguing, even if you are right, and behave in an agreeable and humble manner, seeking peace.


2.  Do a Write-Reflect-Repent activity. Write down a few instances when you exhibited some pride or arrogance. Reflect upon these occasions… why did you behave this way? How did it make you feel? If it affected someone else, how did it make them feel? Did any good come from your behavior? Repent. You may either make two raka’ats of tawbah (pray two raka’ats asking for forgiveness), or simply raise your hands and ask for forgiveness. If you’ve offended someone in these instances, consider apologizing and asking for their forgiveness, this is an important step in developing humility!

Then make du’aa. Ask Allah to remove any pride or arrogance from your heart. Ask Him to instill a sense of humility in your actions, thoughts, and character. Remember: Write-Reflect-Repent!


I pray these activities help you better comprehend and apply your growing knowledge of Allah’s Names to your own life. Have a suggestion for another activity? Comment and let us know! If you’ve done the Action Challenge for today, drop us a line so we know that we’re keeping you motivated, insha’Allah!

Salaam & Success!






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Dr Bilal Philips explaining the name, Al-Mutakabbir and others:

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Dr Suhaib Hasan explaining the Name, Al-Mutakabbir: Video 1 of 1:

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