We, at Creative Motivations, love to bring you the very best in Islamic Educational and Inspirational products for your family… and sometimes that means sharing the works of others! We have now opened our Amazon Affiliate Shop, where we share books and products that we absolutely love, and feel you and your family may love, as well. For those participating in the Learn the 99 Names of Allah in the 99 Days til Ramadan Project, we have opened a special category with supplementary books and materials to support your study of Allah’s Names and Attributes during the project. Much of our work in developing our graphics was der3aived from these books, so we strongly encourage you to visit the shop and find a few to add to your home library.  All of these texts are sourced from authentic materials (Quran & Sunnah) and are particularly beneficial in properly understanding and applying the understanding of Allah’s Names and Attributes to our worship, remembrance, and everyday lives, insha’Allah.

Currently, we also have our Children’s Books category, which features educational texts (especially great for homeschoolers), as well as story books for younger children. Because we hold our own products to very high standards, we strive to do the same in the recommendations we make for your family, so rest assured that the recommended educational books will be particularly beneficial and the fun & fiction books will be gorgeously illustrated and very engaging to truly capture the hearts and minds of your little ones, insha’Allah.

We will be adding additional categories as the months progress, such as Islamic Toys and Games, Parenting Books, Homeschooling Products, Gifts and much more, insha’Allah. If you have a product or book, currently sold or advertised on Amazon, that you would like us to feature in our Affiliate Store, please comment or contact us with the direct link to the product and your own contact information. The Creative Motivations team is always happy test and recommend new products for our loyal fans and customers, in our continued effort to offer the very best in Islamic Educational products!

We hope you find the Affiliate Shop beneficial, folks. Stay Inspired!


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