Our Story

Thanks for visiting our site! We strive to bring you high quality and affordable Islamic, Organizational and Educational products to help you and your family learn, love and embrace the Deen, live a happier and more organized lifestyle, and make learning, whether secular or religious, more effective and more fun.

We believe that instilling a love and appreciation for the Deen starts with knowledge, so we create products to get you and your family excited about learning and practicing your faith. From simple magnets sets for toddlers, to laminated charts and posters for teens and adults, to dhikr chains and salaat trackers to encourage the proper ‘practice’ of your faith, we have a wide selection of products to meet your every need, insha’Allah! All of our products are based upon authentic Qur’an and Ahadith. We take great pride in our commitment to providing only authentic information so that our customers can have 100% confidence in every product we design.

Creative Motivafirstchartstions began about five years ago, when I designed a simple graphic  daily schedule for my toddlers. To keep them motivated, I added a prize box, Delighted with the results, I then shared my project on Facebook. To my surprise, the pic became very popular and I began getting requests to make charts and prize boxes for my friends and their families. About a year later, I was engaged to my now (wonderful) husband, and I had four little step babies to add to my brood. With six kids now in tow, I needed charts and schedules to keep things organized, as well as to help teach and motivate the kids as they embraced a new lifestyle, i.e. chores, schedules, orders, and high expectations. We started making entire chart systems for the salaat, with competition as the motivating factor. Then we made Clean Room charts, personal daily schedules, dinner menus… and soon we had requests from everyone to custom design charts for them as well!

With lots of encouragement from my hubby and kids, I began Creative Motivations. It was not an Islamically-focused business at first, as we were using it primarily for home organization, but the need for quality Islamic products, designed with converts, who were new to the Arabic language, in mind, was tremendous! Slowly, as I taught myself graphic design (I do all of the graphic design work myself), our line began to expand. We started making card sets, wudu charts, magnets, and tons more! Allah has blessed me with a wealth of ideas, masha’Allah, and the business continues to grow very rapidly. Out of demand, we have expanded into wholesale and hope to expand into world-wide distributorships soon, insha’Allah.

kidsworkingTo date, it is still just our home office and our big family designing, producing and packaging all of Creative Motivations products. Despite our humble setting, we work hard to maintain very high quality standards, expedient order processing, and outstanding customer service. Our designs have improved tremendously over the years, becoming more sleek, stylish, durable and creative. We seek to design tools that capture the eye and appease the heart, card sets that educate in a fun way, posters that inspire, charts that remind, and various tools that enable you and your family to make the most of your faith, insha’Allah!

We now carry over a hundred fantastic products, ship world-wide, and offer wholesale and bulk discounts for schools and educators. We are planning to launch a fundraiser campaign to help with expansion and outsourcing, insha’Allah, to allow us to do even more. It has been a long road, but a very rewarding one, al hamdulillah. I love this business, I love our customers, I am passionate about Islamic education, about making Islamic education fun and more accessible to every family, insha’Allah, and this continues to fuel me when the going gets tough; that and the incredible response to and demand for our products! Whenever we close down temporarily, the emails and inboxes never end… and I find myself having to reopen because I hate to leave any of our wonderful customers or supporters hanging.  I love and appreciate all of you and pray Creative Motivations will be around for years to come motivating and inspiring your families to learn, love and live the Deen. May Allah make it so. Ameen!

Jazakhallahu Khairun for your duas and support!

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