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We are excited to bring you the very best in Islamic products for you and your family. We at Creative Motivations pride ourselves on designing beautiful, creative, and effective Islamic educational and inspirational products to motivate you and your family in the faith!

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The Card Set is Back!

Although our shop is still closed til Summer, we are allowing special orders of the 99 Names of Allah card sets to support our 99 Names of Allah Project participants! You can pre-order now to reserve your set. Card sets are currently in production and pre-orders are expected to go out in early April, insha’Allah!

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Affiliate Store is Open!

We, at Creative Motivations, love to bring you the very best in Islamic Educational and Inspirational products for your family… and sometimes that means sharing the works of others! We have now opened our Amazon Affiliate Shop, where we share books and products that we absolutely love, and feel you and your family may love, as well!

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Special Online Event!

Join us as we learn the 99 Blessed Names of Allah in the 99 days until Ramadan 2014! Each day Creative Motivations will post a beautiful graphic with Allah’s name, translation and explanation, as well as resources to deepen our understanding. By the start of Ramadan 2014 you will have learned and memorized all of Allah’s 99 Names!

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Free Printable!

Our colorful 99 Days til Ramadan Countdown Calendar is an exciting way for kids to count down the days until Ramadan! Works great in conjunction with our annual Learn the 99 Names of Allah Event! Download it now as a FREE PRINTABLE for a limited time only!

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Islamic Badges!

Creative Motivations’ Exclusive Collection of Islamic Achievement Badges are designed to inspire a love of Islam, build strong moral character, and establish a firm foundation in the faith. From toddlers to teens, we have sets for each age and skill level. On sale for a limited time only!

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Learn Allah's 99 Names

Do you know the many blessings and rewards of learning Allah’s 99 Names? Join us in learning and memorizing the 99 Names of Allah in the 99 Names til Ramadan 2016! Going on now!

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Get Ready for Ramadan!

For a limited time only, all Ramadan products are on sale to help you and your family prepare for the Holy Month! Visit the Shop now!

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